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A calculator for performing various calculations relating to exponential growth.
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See below for a longer description of each calculation.

1. Growth multiple: m = e^(rt) Final value: F = Pm
2. Multiple: m = F / P
3. Growth rate: r = ln(m) / t
4. Doubling period: d = ln(2) / r
5. Geometric growth: m = 2 ^ n
6. Number of doubling periods: n = ln(m) / ln(2)
7. Duration for exhausting of a renewable resource: t = ln(m) / r
8. Duration for exhausting of a non-renewable resource: t = ln(rm + 1) / r
9. Cumulative consumption: m = (e^(rt) - 1) / r
10. Duration: t = dn

(Red text indicates result of calculation)

R Rate in % (R = r . 100)
t Time in years
m Growth multiple
P Present value
F Final value
d Doubling period in years
n Number of doubling periods

Long Descriptions

1. Growth multiple m which results from R% growth per year for t years. Final value: F = present value P multiplied by growth multiple m.

2. Multiple m equal to final value F divided by present value P.

3. Growth rate R% per year which results in a growth multiple m in t years.

4. Doubling period d years in which a value will double for a growth rate R% per year.

5. Geometric growth. Resulting multiple m times present value when the present value is doubled n times.

6. Number of doubling periods n resulting in a multiple of m.

7. Duration t years to exhaust a renewable resource m times present consumption rate with consumption growing at R% per year.

8. Duration t years to exhaust a non-renewable resource m times present annual consumption with consumption growing at R% per year.

9. Cumulative consumption m times present annual consumption resulting from R% per year consumption growth rate for t years.

10. Duration t equal to the number of years per doubling period d multiplied by the number of doubling periods n.

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